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About us
Who we are and what we do
Vox Serbica (formerly: Vox Serbicus) is a Wellington-based civic mixed choir of uniquely blended voices, from beautiful sopranos to deep bases, singing in a traditional Slavic style. The choir performs a wide selection of music, ranging from inspirational sacred repertoire, to the rhythmic and fiery folk tunes, all sung a cappella. Please feel free to view some of our concert photos.

What do our singers say about us
Some of the answers given by singers, when asked what attract them to Vox Serbica: "Warm and friendly people, humorous atmosphere. Fantastic conductor who gets the best out of us. The unique sound of music we sing, quite different from all other choral music.
Musical and linguistic challenges are opportunity to improve our singing skills. The amazing sounds we get when we all sing from the heart..." (Naomi Johnson). "Many choirs fail to achieve the ultimate balance between serious choir work and fun. Some forfeit camaraderie for a very serious musical approach, others emphasize too much on the fun side, and neglect the importance of singing and musicianship. Vox Serbica balances these things very well. It is a friendly, hard-working choir, made up of like-minded people, who enjoy singing a diverse range of music to the best of their ability, while enjoying each other's company..." (Lisa Cheney).

History and people
Vox Serbica was formed in 2002, and today it is an important part of the New Zealand music scene. It specialises in Serbian, Slavic, and Orthodox Christian a cappella music, and is one of a kind in New Zealand. The driving powers of the choir are its art director and conductor - Mrs Mima Nikolic together with all members. They are all very proud of the multi-ethnic character of the choir. "It is a true reflection of New Zealand society. it is amazing”, they say. Among the members, many different ethnicities and 8 languages we sing in.". The choir is very warmly accepted at every performance. New Zealand audiences love Vox Serbica. The Choir has performed in Wellington, Christchurch, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Nelson, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Rotorua, and Canberra.

Formal recognition
Vox Serbica achieved its first formal success after only nine months in existence. The choir won the first prize at the New Zealand Choral Federation's regional festival The Classic Sing 2002, in Palmerstone North. The following year, at the Nationals 2003 in Rotorua, the choir won the bronze medal in the Chamber Choirs category. Apart from these recognitions, singers love to talk about the concert in Canberra. The choir was invited to participate in the Australian Multi-Cultural Festival held in Canberra, in February 2004. Vox Serbica accepted this invitation as an honour, and sung at the opening ceremony held at the Australian National University's Llewellyn Hall, in front of an audience of 1400 people from around the world. Vox Serbica is the member of New Zealand Choral Federation and in January 2005 has officially become a member of Serbian Choral Federation too. 

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